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Welcome to the The Louisiana Hobby Guy Blog! This Blog style website is brought to you by me! Rich F, “The Louisiana Hobby Guy!” The purpose of this blog is to inform, inspire and motivate hobbyists in the Maker, gadget and woodworking communities of enthusiasts who create things that inspire others to imagine.

Sure, most people hang out in the groups on Facebook, but who really likes the fact that your posts, your advise, and your beautiful work just gets lost in the clutter of a one topic group, and then fades away giving way to the most recent questions? I find the people on Facebook to be anti-social at best, and downright mean at worst.

Here, your comments are relevant! I will answer them all, and they will be attached to the topic forever!

So welcome aboard! Invite your friends and other hobbyists! Come and grow with me! I am not here to mine your data and track your Internet habits to sell you targeted advertising!

I’m here to teach, learn, inspire, create, share and enjoy the ride! I look forward to this with all of you!

Rich F.
The Louisiana Hobby Guy

27 thoughts on “Welcome Hobbyists!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. Your videos are great and easy to follow. Really like that you don’t use background music!

  2. I super appreciate your videos ! You’ve been a big help with my new laser adventure . I hope your channel and site here continues to grow with followers.. I keep sharing your videos to help more newbies like myself 😁

  3. I am just getting started with light burn. Been using laser grbl but you cant do as much with it in the program itself. Your tutoruals will be a great help again i thank you and hope you enjoy the coffee.
    What part of Louisianna are you in? I am from leesville.

  4. Rich, thanks for all the great educational work that you do. I sent you $10 last week and I’m sending an additional $40 this week. Your “Engraving Educational Package” is easily worth $50. You don’t know it, but you’ve been my “treadmill buddy” for the last several weeks. Every morning I tune in to a new LA Hobby Guy YouTube while I walk a couple of miles. I really like your laid back approach, not fancy, not quick, take your time to get the point across.

    I have two questions. First, a really basic (probably dumb) question. What is the desired result for engraving? In other words, are we trying to leave just a solid burn mark on the surface without abrading the surface, or are we trying to burn into the wood to some depth? Does it differ for line vs fill?

    Second, today I watched your engraving wooden kitchen utensils video. You engraved the concave part of the spoon, which I imagine is 2-4 mm deep or more, but you didn’t make any kind of adjustments. Did it burn cleanly even with the varying depth?

    Thanks again for all you help.

  5. Rich, I’ve tried for a week to join your forums but I cannot get a confirmation email from you. My son (IT Tech) says your 2-step authentication process isn’t working.

  6. We are new here, and have sent you at least one large coffee. A reply would’ve been nice but we understand that you receive many emails from others. I know that we’re across the pond so that may affect things too. Is there a way that you can answer our previous mail/post?

  7. Good Evening, I have really enjoyed watching your videos. I find them very informative. Although you are new to this, I get more useful info from all your post than any of the ones I have been watching the past year.

  8. Still waiting delivery of my laser, so started watching your videos to try and get ahead of the curve, really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, so thank you

  9. My laser is due to be delivered tomorrow. I singed up and I signed up via PayPal for a monthly donation. I can tell you put a great deal of work into this and I appreciate ya!

  10. HI –

    This is GREAT! I am just starting out, received a Master Laser 3 for Christmas and I have ZERO idea of where to begin. Looking forward to watching, listening and learning. Thank you for sharing.

  11. thanks for the invite, i am working with my 3018 with a 2.5 watt laser. so far I have been able to do some ingraving and some laser work, mostly lasering paint off of plastic to produce a frameable wedding plack. i hope to be able to produce
    some saleable items an start a part time business. I am 72 and retired and work with a limited budget. I use lightburn , gsender and inkscape along with freecad.

  12. I have been trying to login. 12 times..
    Re registered. Same answer. I have exceeded the number of attempted logins. Hope this is the right place for a question like this. I am new but you explanations are the best

  13. Just joined after hearing so much about the “Louisana Hobby Guy”. Love your videos so I plan on binge watching.
    Just entered the realm of laser engraving. So I’m like a sponge wanting to learn everything. I recently purchased a iwecolor 5w laser.
    I do have some concerns, however, I’m hoping to find the answers in your video. If not, you’ll be hearing from me!

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