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My name is Rich and I’m from a small town just outside New Orleans, LA. Like most “Makers,” woodworking and hobby enthusiasts, I have always enjoyed working with my hands and creating things. Starting in Shop Class over 50 years ago and still going strong, I just love taking a piece of wood or a tech gadget and making something!

Now semi-retired, I still work part time servicing ATMs during the day, but I get off work early and I am now enjoying my favorite hobbies; woodworking, laser engraving, 3D Printing and other tech stuff! I’m new to being a content producer for myself, but I’m working hard on creating articles and videos of the projects I work on and hopefully I’ll be giving y’all some ideas, tips and file downloads!

If you appreciate my tutorial videos and template downloads and want to buy me a cup of coffee, or a beer to help support the effort, I would greatly appreciate it! PayPal link

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One of the Lasers I use: Amazon – ($16 off coupon link)

Here’s what a few of my customers have had to say about me or my work:

Cutting Board:

Thanks so much for the cutting board! I absolutely LOVE IT! (And using it every day :-))
Linda R.
Westwego, LA

Custom Patio Table:

When you said the patio table would be an upscale, custom one of a kind, you weren’t kidding! Upscale isn’t the word for it! It’s a work of art! My wife and I are so happy we commissioned you with the job.
Thanks again and take care. We’ll have a lot more projects for you in the future.
Bob M.
Metairie, LA

Custom Queen Bed:

Thanks for the headboard and bed frame. The cherry finish is wonderful and we love all the detail work. I think we’ll go ahead and order the nightstands now.
Roland P.
New Orleans, LA

3D Printed Taillight Lenses – 1957 Cadillac, 62 Series Convertible

I just can’t believe you were able to reproduce these bro! I’m glad we had that chat at the car show. Saved me $3500! Way to go man!
John C.
Marrero, LA

Custom WiFi QR Code burned on 4″ Diameter Baltic Birch Plywood:

I’m so glad we got to take down those handmade wifi papers around the office and in the waiting rooms. They were just so tacky, and nobody ever got the password right. The doctors love them and all the patients have been commenting on them. IT was wondering why our wifi usage was up over 6000% 🙂 I hope you get the contract for the hospital. thanks again, great work.
Lynn M.
Surgery Center, Louisiana Children’s Medical Center
Marrero, LA

Custom Name and Number – House Sign

The sign came out wonderful, thank you. You’ll probably be getting some orders from our neighbors.
Rich & Letta N
Harvey, LA

25 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Rich,
      I ordered my Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro and it should arrive March 10, 2022. I have watched many of your YouTube presentation and you are the best teacher. I have subscribed to your channel. How do I become a member of your forum? I need to learn everything that you are teaching. Hope to hear from you.

  1. I appreciate the information you provide…
    Maybe you could fill in where there seems to be a hole generally.
    I have had trouble finding focusing information for laser heads…
    a) Is the Neje “80W” laser fixed-focus ”
    2) If so, what is the focus distance ?

    The Ortur fixed focus laser is provided with a metal slug to set the distance but the Neje… ?
    I have only seen something which mentions “approx. 18mm..”

    Then there is the issue of placing the focus point 1/2 the way down the material which is to be cut… but without knowing the focus distance, it is hard to place that point “1/2 the way down..”

    Can you provide specific instructions to help ?


  2. Hi Rich,

    I really enjoy your tutorials posted on your website as well as YouTube. They are all very well organized and presented in an interesting and informative manner! I seem to remember one you did on cleaning and lubricating an OrturMaster2. Could you provide a link at your convenience.

    All the Best,

    Frank Renshaw

  3. I learned a lot from your you tube videos and have used some of your library downloads especially cutlists. Question” I saw you were using a metal air assist nozzle on what looked like a Sculpfun s9 (my unit). Is this commercially available? I had a printed unit melt and make a mess. I have a beer pattern you would enjoy. how can I attach to an email for you?

  4. Hi Rich, Just getting into laser engraving and cutting and I currently have the Ortur laser master 2 pro s2 model.
    I saw your youtube on upgrading the ortur laser module with the Neje A40640 80W Diode Laser module upgrade. I went to the link on amazon and it shows the Neje A40640 has a output of 10watts and not the 15watts that you mentioned in the youtube video. Is this a typo or am I looking at the incorrect listing? Also, you know if this Neje upgrade will it on my Ortur laser master 2 pro s2? Thanks for your help and I have already learned so much from you watching your videos!

  5. I have been trying to register on your site but never get a registeration email back to register. When I try to register it says I’m already registered. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    COL(Ret) Les Welch
    [email protected]

    1. I’m also experiencing the same issue. I’ve double checked the spam folder as well. Also went so far as using a different E-mail address, on second account with the same results. (second E-mail doesn’t have a spam folder).
      It’s almost like something isn’t working.

      Steve McHugh

      1. Have you had any luck contacting LA Hobby? I don’t know where else to try. Let me know if you have any luck and I will do likewise.
        COL(Ret) Les Welch

        1. Les,
          So, I used the “contact board administrator” part of the forum yesterday after the post to you. That hasn’t resulted in anything yet. However the first address I used (maybe a week ago) did receive a “confirm your subscription”, which I’m not sure if that was done correctly yet or not, but I need to fire up the laptop, to open keepass, to attempt a log in. Will keep you posted on my progress.

  6. I am looking for an entry level laser etching/cutting laser for glass. Mainly flat sheets of glass for my husband for Christmas

  7. Hello, I enjoyed your video on lightburn and the amazing files
    you created. I am new to laser cutting amd engraving I got an xtool d1 pro 20w around Christmas. I struggle to find files for projects that I can get to work with my laser. At the end ofthe video I watched it mentions signing up and receiving some of your files for free. If this is no llonger available I would like to purchase some of the files. I was very impressed with your creativity.. Thank you.
    Curt Foley

  8. Rich
    I’ve been asked to make some trophies and I was wondering if you had any ideas. it is for canoe races.

  9. Hi Rich.
    Noel down here in Souyh Australia. Excellent web page and truly great videos. Very well explained and clear. My question is: I just bought a Creality Falcon 2 20w laser and want to download some suitable libraries for it for Lightbgurn. Are there any available? Noel

    1. Click the link at the top of the page that says, Forums. Sign up for an account, and a new category will appear that says Members Only Downloads. In there, there is a topic, Cut and Engrave Settings, diode lasers. On page 3 there are 20W libraries.

  10. Hi Rich
    Enjoy your great videos and tips. Will you be adding the cut library for the Roly Laser Matic Mk2 ?

  11. Rich,
    I’m a complete newbie with a laser. I just got my XTool, M1 set up and I’ve been a little frustrated trying to figure things out…until I came across your tutorials. You are great at explaining all the basics! I keep watching a couple of them over and over to remember the short cuts that you explain. I think I have the confidence to try cutting the memorial ornament for my Mother out this weekend. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with others!

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