Computer Artwork

I’m now going to be sharing the artwork I do on my computer on the blog as I have time. If there’s any special category or type of vector graphic or line art you may need, feel free to send me a message!

Here’s an example of an eagle I drew for a customer’s sign:


Here is the download for this image: Click here.

5 thoughts on “Computer Artwork

  1. I am so new to this laser information. I am very old trying to learn kids toys. I enjoy using a C N C machine, and no little a bout it as well, but trying to learn. Having watch the a couple of lasers working, my mind started to churn and good feel my hand going for my back pocket. The winning hand the one going to the back Pocket. So I am the proud owner of a Atomstack Laser X7 Pro 50. I know nothing about it. I used the software Grbl and new it was not what I wanted.
    I have watched two or three of your vids now and enjoyed and would like to join and subscribe to your channel or program. I have lots of questions and not being very bright nor sound of mind, but a great listener, I felt this may be a place for an old old man to possibly start. I have not web site or any other credentials to qualify me to try and do this. Now if you think that an 80 year old dufus is out of his class, please tell me and if not tell me where to pay, sign-up and join to get underway.
    Thanks, Frank Barker

    1. you took all the words right out of my mouth, i am in the same situation , age different by a couple of years

  2. 66 year old lady trying the xtool D1 pro 10 watt with light burn. I have watched your videos on YouTube and you really know your stuff. You’ve been a big help. Love that fact you have this forum. So get used to me, cuss I run into problems a lot. Thanks for being here

  3. I am into woodworking. I want to laser logos on wood. I need a very simply laser and program. Can you advise about what laser would meet my needs.

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