5 thoughts on “How to Laser Engrave Photos and Artwork!

  1. Hey Rich Great video once again! Learned a lot. Question on using the preview for photos, I find the preview is not always what the end result is. Do you recommend just testing the small versions, i.e. 2 inch photo, until you get the result you are looking for?

    1. That’s how I do it. I make the image very small, start the job and see how it does. If it doesn’t look right, I stop the job, and then make adjustments. Then I go to the preview window, slide the scrubber to where I stopped the job, and click, Start Job From Here in the preview.

  2. Hello Rich and Friends of the blog,
    I would like to do a silver or brass inlay in wood using my Sculpfun S30 Pro laser machine (something like which is in this video https://youtu.be/yUmjSKnu4Lw). I bought a 0.7 mm brass wire to realize my idea, but do you have any idea how can I engrave the design 8 with 0.7 mm depth) in the wood??
    Thank you in advance for your help.

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