5 thoughts on “Creating a 400×400 Laser Bed Waste Grid

  1. Great stuff. Just starting and your info is the best and Iā€™m point. Great balance of technical and plain English! Understanding basics and setting up grid and sample patterns finally clearly explained. Now I get to go really practice with much less wasted time/ material. Thanks!

  2. I watched the video on the laser grid is there a way to scale it down to fit a different size. My bed is 370 by 410. can you change it by the Percentage feature?

  3. Rich, would it work if you selected everything, grouped them, then hit the center icon to center the grouped image. That way, if you accidentally moved it after burning the grid it would be easy to just hit the center icon again. Not sure but it seems like it would be a good step. Originally I thought images on the tool layers would not move accidently but when playing with it last night I noticed how easy it is to make that mistake.

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